STARTUP3: Two Sides of the Same Coin: Crisis and Opportunity

The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word 'crisis' – one brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger –but recognise the opportunity.

Currently, the whole world is facing a crisis caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19). Many people have been personally affected by it and many are in quarantine in order to contribute to a halt of its spreading. We salute the medical workers and those that put the safety of others first, and we divert from regular means to promote an Open Call for the STARTUP3.

Nevertheless, we aim to disrupt the state of crisis and market barriers which are now shifting, we will maintain active and encourage deep-tech startups to apply to our call – now more than ever. Not only markets but standards and lifestyles are reconfiguring, showing the gaps amidst which the opportunities for improvement lie. People are rediscovering true values, and innovation and communication are the keys to overcoming the current state of events and what might come out of it.

Innovation, creativity and strive to make changes do not know limitations, they thrive under them. STARTUP3 is encouraging your online applications, videos made from the safety of your own home – because we believe in your idea. This is the time to separate from the culture that rewards hitting goals for the sake of performance metrics, time to reinvent or enhance yourself and your team and to map out action steps towards the goal you want to reach.
We look forward to your applications and challenge you to get creative in these newly created conditions!

Author: Tajana Medaković

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