MediaMotorEurope Open Call – Apply Now

STARTUP3 encourages you to apply for the MediaMotorEurope Open Call – looking for the brightest deep-tech innovators with solutions for the media and creative industries!

MediaMotorEurope (MME), a mentoring programme supported by Startup Europe, is looking for high-potential European deep-tech innovators who can target today’s most relevant media industry challenges. European startups and scaleups are invited to apply for MME Second Open Call on F6S until 30 October 2020 at 17h00 CET!

MME is powered by strong media and innovation hubs, as well as key players in the tech and investment scene:  VRT, Media City Bergen, Thermi, Athens Technology Center, Cluster Sofia Knowledge City, FastTrack, and F6S.

The 6-month programme will foster the development of creative and unique deep-tech solutions targeting some of the biggest challenges and needs that the media sector faces, such as the fight against misinformation and fake news; improved accessibility and inclusion of media services for people with disabilities; more advanced human-machine interaction; better protection of personal data through new technologies; and transition towards a data-driven media 4.0 market.

What does MediaMotorEurope offer?
The intensive mentoring programme aims to bring deep-tech innovators from an MVP to a growing company together with candidate clients in the media sector and potential investors.
Selected startups and scale-ups get:

  • Dedicated coaching to support upscaling the business and soft-landing to new markets
  • Tailored support and guidance to the startups’ needs and challenges, improving skills in areas such as product-market fit, legal aspects, pitching readiness, fundraising, product development, strategic management, internationalisation, UX and Design, etc.
  • Matchmaking with media & creative corporations and public procurement support
  • Meetings and networking opportunities with investors
  • Pitching and showcasing at major media events, such as Slush, Digital Media Days and New Radio Day
  • The chance to win tickets to relevant international conferences of high impact
  • Vouchers of up to EUR 600 to support travel costs to events

The second support cycle will take place between January and June 2021. All services are offered for free thanks to Startup Europe.

For more information, please visit MediaMotorEurope on, or follow MME on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 871552.

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Global Pharma Booster Startup Call

STARTUP3 encourages you to apply for the Global Pharma Booster Programme and win the chance to co-create with Bayer Pharmaceuticals France!

To face the world’s main challenges, industries are calling for innovative solutions that deep tech has the potential to offer. With an ageing population and changing ecosystems, our mission is to: deliver world-class innovation, pioneer digital transformation and set new standards in sustainability.

Join the Global Pharma Booster acceleration programme, powered by Hello Tomorrow and Digital Pharma Lab and turn collaborations into new businesses for the benefit of everyone.

What is the Global Pharma Booster?

  • A unique, 5-month programme from Hello Tomorrow & Digital Pharma Lab
  • Helping Pharma companies to source and collaborate with startups developing cutting-edge PharmaTech and HealthTech
  • International recruitment of the best startups by Hello Tomorrow
  • Collaboration support from Digital Pharma Lab’s industry experts

Why can Bayer bring you within this programme?

  • Expert support and a dedicated point of contact
  • Access to their international ecosystem
  • Prototype and launch innovative products or services together

We are launching this call for applications to empower deep tech and digital startups, and turn collaborations into new businesses for the benefit of everyone. New possibilities in health will be shaped by innovative ideas that help patients and healthcare professionals thrive together.

Can your solutions help achieve these two goals?

A) “Bayer on-demand” for customer engagement:

  • Help us improve the accessibility of our services for healthcare professionals.
  • How to optimize customer engagement through a pull solution?
  • Are you able to build a best in class solution in services accessibility, such as contact on-demand and documents on demand?
  • How to develop a flexible solution to respond to different healthcare professional segments?

B) Improving healthcare through data:

  • Help us improve the journey, management, and prevention of cardio-metabolic events.
  • How to manage Big data and AI for Healthcare?
  • How to benefit from HealthTech solutions powered by data collected from connected devices?
  • Do you know how to build on data aggregation from different sources (interoperability)?
  • Do you have experience in remote monitoring?
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ATLAS Open Call – Develop New and Innovative Services

STARTUP3 encourages you to apply for the ATLAS Project Open Call and develop new and innovative services by making use of the technical foundation the ATLAS network provides!

The ATLAS Project will build an open, distributed and extensible data platform based on a microservice architecture which will offer a high level of scalability from a single farm to a global community. ATLAS will involve all actors along the food chain, simplifying and improving the processes from farm to fork. Through the support of innovative start-ups, SMEs and farmers, ATLAS will enable new business models for and with the farmers and establish sustainable business ecosystems based on innovative data-driven services.

What is the ATLAS Open Call?

ATLAS is developing an open, distributed, and extensible data network based on a microservice architecture. It will offer innovative, data-driven services in agriculture to everything from single farms to an entire global community. The technology developed in ATLAS will be tested and evaluated within pilot studies at a variety of agricultural operations across Europe.

The open call aims to establish these pilot studies in alignment with agricultural use cases at the farming operations of the consortium’s end-user partners. It will also establish Innovation Hubs around these pilots in order to implement a sustainable ecosystem of innovative companies.

Who is it for?

ATLAS is looking for entrants with proposals that seek to develop new and innovative services by making use of the technical foundation the ATLAS network provides. The proposed projects should demonstrate specific value for either consumers or stakeholders along the agricultural value chain. The work carried out in these projects should have a thematic focus on developing services that build on and extend the use cases carried out within the ATLAS project.

SMEs, start-ups, and farmers legally established and based in one of the EU Member States or an H2020 associated country (as defined in the H2020 rules of participation) are welcome to apply.

What will be provided by ATLAS?

ATLAS will provide technology to access various kinds of data, including:

  • Interfaces to on-board sensor data from agricultural machines
  • Interfaces to data from in-field sensor networks
  • Interfaces to data from data analysis services
  • On-board computers and runtime environments for running applications
  • Access to data repositories

Open Call Topics

  • TOPIC 1: Weed and Pest Control
  • TOPIC 2: Irrigation
  • TOPIC 3: Asset Tracking and Fleet Management
  • TOPIC 4: Efficient and Transparent Nutrient Cycle Reporting
  • TOPIC 5: Behavioral Analysis and Management of Livestock
  • TOPIC 6: Information Platform for Farmers
  • TOPIC 7: Open Technology for innovative Agriculture


In 2020 and 2021, the ATLAS consortium will fund five to 10 business entities per open call in two rounds. A budget of EUR 75,000 is foreseen to develop a use case for each proposal; this budget includes an in-kind contribution of at least 30% from the applicant.

The deadline for submitting your proposal is the 15th of September 2020 (23:59 CEST).


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Farm2Fork Hackathon – Apply Now

STARTUP3 encourages you to apply for the Farm2Fork Hackathon and propose innovative and implementable products and services!

The main Farm2Fork Hackathon objective is to identify products and services applicable in the agrifood domain, which are responding to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. Products and services can be presented as Minimum Viable Products (MVP) or fully developed products and services that can be deployable, promotable and marketable.

The Hackathon aims at attracting European solution providers, innovators and enthusiasts to propose innovative and implementable products and services, which will have the following impact:

  • minimizing negative effects of COVID pandemic in agrifood sector or
  • increase the resilience of the food production and food supply systems in pandemic situations

Examples for products and services may be very broad, covering following areas (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Deployment of any kind of digital technologies in agriculture, food production/processing and food supply (robotics, AI, IoT, EO, Big data, blockchain, …);
  • Agrifood workforce (management, personal distancing, training, optimization, …);
  • Education in the agrifood sector;
  • Connecting regional supply and demand (short food supply chains, transport, forecasting, …);
  • Decreasing food loss and managing food waste (donating, new business models, re-routing, circular business models);
  • Food safety, storage, packaging;
  • Preservation of nature and resources.

The Hackathon is organised by the Innovation Technology Cluster (ITC) from Slovenia – a STARTUP3 Consortium Member – along with other relevant European institutions and projects.

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STARTUP3 Winner – Detektia


Detektia S. L. is a spin-off of the Laboratory of Topography and Geomatics of the Civil Engineering School of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). Detektia gathers and integrates the knowledge acquired in more than 20 years of applied research in-ground and infrastructure monitoring. Detektia is formed by a team of one MSc and four doctors that master Differential SAR Interferometry (DInSAR) technology and artificial intelligence techniques with a wide vision of the energy, civil engineering, environmental and water sectors.

Detektia has systematized the Laboratory of Topography and Geomatics’ experience in applied research to create a web solution that is easily adaptable to different infrastructures, allowing the analysis of the integration of DInSAR processing results with artificial intelligence in a visual and dynamic way, facilitating the interpretation and decision-making. Detektia collaborates with the UPM in the development of basic research promoting the use of satellite RADAR technology in multiple dimensions of engineering and society through MSc and PhD theses.


Detektia has developed EyeRADAR, a low-cost infrastructure monitoring tool integrating DInSAR deformation time series analysis with other technologies such as cloud computing, online interactive data analysis and visualization. EyeRADAR allows early detection of anomalies increasing: i) Security and reduction of incidents through the improvement of early warning systems, ii) exploitation efficiency and preventive maintenance of the infrastructure, iii) Infrastructure profitability due to the reduction of in-situ control instrumentation costs, iv) Maintenance efficiency in all the phases of the infrastructure.

Candela Sancho photo

Candela Sancho

CEO @ Detektia
STARTUP3 Project is an excellent opportunity to work on specific aspects of the startups such as Product-Market FIT, disruption impact, benchmarking, MVP strategy, KPIs… all the facts that help to materialize ideas into a real business. I am looking forward to evaluating and reinforce our strengths and weaknesses with the help of mentors, corporates and investors.
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STARTUP3 Winner – BotX


BotX is an artificial intelligence platform that allows companies to automate their processes and tasks. Some of our customers have been able to replace 80% of staff by our robots and perform the specific functions 99.9% faster, which has brought them millions of euros of new business deals and saved their expenses. We are a team of highly enthusiastic individuals from multiple fields and a solid engineering background. The most significant advantage of BotX is that it is a conceptual platform running in the cloud as SaaS. It’s a very flexible system with user-friendly interfaces, which makes it fully prepared for future growth.


Access to the AI and automation without engineering skills. BotX is not only about the AI itself but also provides an ecosystem with other sets of innovative data instruments that are combined into a single product. The concept of BotX is the most significant unique innovation.

Ivan Sivak photo

Ivan Sivak

CEO @ BotX
STARTUP3 Project is an excellent initiative from which we expect access to problems faced by participating corporates and offer them our solutions.
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STARTUP3 Winner – BeOn IoT


The mission of BeOn is to help secure that sensitive and valuable products are transported and stored in proper conditions for people and organizations who need them most. For instance, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and critical healthcare products are dispatched worldwide thanks to air cargo. However, annual product losses are estimated at US$15 billion and in fact, over 50% of all temperature excursions occur while products are in the hands of airlines and airports. Thanks to our expertise in aviation standards and experience in air transport industry, we have developed a tracking device that is compliant with airworthiness requirements to ensure BeOn solution may be used worldwide on any transportation means including air freight. Users access tracking and monitoring services on BeOn web platform to monitor their valuable and sensitive shipments in real-time. BeOn enables users to cut financial losses and reduce ecological footprint by improving logistics performance.


On the BeOn web platform, users access their assets localization map and receive real-time notification when storage or transport conditions are out of nominal range. Users have simple tools to visualize asset positions and conditions history to prevent asset deterioration and improve logistics performance.

BeOn tracking devices are light, easy to install, have years of autonomy and connect to a network that is available in more than 65 countries. A GPS module, a temperature sensor, a shock sensor, and a movement detection sensor are embedded in BeOn tracking devices that are designed and tested to comply with air transport regulations.

Pierre-Jean Tiné photo

Pierre-Jean Tiné

Founder and CEO @ BeOn
At BeOn we are excited to join STARTUP3 programme! It will help us to structure the project thanks to Founder Studio and give us methods and tools to accelerate in terms of fundraising to reach our business goals!
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STARTUP3 Winner – Alda Robotics


ALDA ROBOTICS is a company of the present and the future, based in Belgrade, Serbia. We have brought humanoid service robots into our and your lives. These robots existed in science fiction movies and in dreams before our founding. Today, service humanoid robots exist in your offices and apartments. These robots greet us at airports. They escort us to the train stations. They want to welcome us to the malls. They serve us in restaurants and cafes. They help us in health facilities. They assist us in hotels, car showrooms, in all office buildings and offices. Humanoid service robots are our friends, our associates, our advisors.


In practice, it has been shown that our clients have specific requirements according to the nature of the work and are often not even aware that robots can solve their problem. Our team consists of creative, professional and dedicated people with experience. Invite us to get to know each other and together find a solution that will best suit your needs.

Currently, the company develops a robot to fight COVID–19. The new situation of the pandemic in the world has initiated many of us to be actively involved in solving problems, which, according to the nature of our work, has led to the use of robots in the given conditions. Our solution enables contactless communication with patients, monitoring of medical devices, transport of medicines and protective equipment as well as information on protection measures. We have also developed a new device used as an accessory for our robots and used to disinfect buildings with germicidal lamps.

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Throwback: STARTUP3 Ecosystem Discovery Mission Latvia & Baltics

The STARTUP3 Ecosystem Discovery Mission Latvia & Baltics was organised by Latvian ICT Cluster in the form of a webinar on June 16th, bringing a wide range of professionals on the topics together. The aims for the webinar were to introduce the startup and cluster environment in the Baltic states, to share experience stories and the knowledge between speakers, participants, organizations and to give networking opportunities for the attendees.

This webinar was divided into two sessions and started off with the startups. The startups in the Baltic countries are very similar and they are fast-paced businesses with a strong will to develop themselves even faster. The speakers from Latvia revealed the latest statistics about the startup ecosystem in Latvia – the growing speed of the ecosystem, collaboration opportunities, and other valuable statistics.

As per participants, the webinar gave a broader understanding of the Baltic countries and their working structure. and that information will be useful for future business opportunities with people from the Baltics.

Edgars Ozoliņš-Ozols photo

Edgars Ozoliņš-Ozols

Digitalisation Team Lead @ Latvian Ministry of Economics
Today, in the digital transformation corridor, we cannot look back to yesterday, but we need to focus and be able to anticipate future digital transformation scenarios. The “Discovery Mission: startup and cluster ecosystems in the Baltics” webinar managed to show the different perspectives of tackling the current challenges by both the public and private sector. Today start-ups and tech-savvy people are at the front line of a country's economic recovery, therefore, looking towards the future “Discovery Missions” the focus should remain on the start-up and talent matchmaking, with crucial and necessary public sector components from a business transformation perspective.

The second session was dedicated to clusters in the Baltics. The clusters are encouraging the cross-industry collaboration, therefore they are very interested in new partnerships and opportunities.

Doris Põld photo

Doris Põld

Cluster Manager @ Estonian ICT Cluster
I participated in this Discovery Mission as a Speaker from the Estonian side. For me, it was very interesting to hear other countries' experiences and cluster policy approaches. For me the main value of the event was the discussions about different cluster examples, policies – time for that could be even longer because cluster managers are always looking for new ideas and collaboration possibilities and this kind of events are excellent for that. During this event, I started to think that maybe Baltic countries clusters should speak more about their cluster approaches and think about the ways for more harmonized policies which can help us to be more competitive in the wide world.

This webinar reached approximately 70 participants from all around the world. Nevertheless, the participants were active in the whole webinar and wanted to share their experience. This was useful not only to strengthen the community but also for raising awareness for different kinds of topics which could highlight the future webinars. The participants outline various benefits of such events, new ideas and collaboration opportunities to name a few. Asked to rate this webinar in a 5-star range, most of the survey members said it was somewhere between 4 and 5 stars.  

Aiga Irmeja photo

Aiga Irmeja

Executive Director @ Latvian IT Cluster
Right now it is extremely valuable to share ideas, knowledge and experience. This gives many new opportunities and partnerships in the future. As a Latvian IT Cluster executive director, I found the webinar as a great start for new events like this, where the international community can gather and do networking.
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Block.IS Open Call – equity-free funding for blockchain startups

STARTUP3 encourages you to apply for the Block.IS Acceleration Programme and catalyse your blockchain innovation!

Block.IS is an acceleration programme that aims to build an open and collaborative cross-border, cross-sectoral innovation ecosystem that fosters the use of blockchain technology in three vital sectors for the European economy: agrifood, logistics and finance.

Block.IS accelerator supports SMEs and startups from the ICT sector all the way from ideation to commercialisation offering them tailored business and technical support as well as direct funding. To help founders build high-tech venture-backable enterprises, Block.IS offers €2.8 M of total funding through 2 open calls.

Block.IS aims to provide competitive and market-oriented European SMEs access to knowledge, technology, capital, and markets with the aim to place new products/services in the market targeting blockchain technology.

Second Open Call

Submission to the 2nd Open Call were enabled on the 22nd of April 2020 and will end on the 22nd of July 2020 at 17:00 CEST (Brussels time).

Block.IS is looking for Innovative Startups & SMEs ready to catalyse their blockchain-based ideas within agrifood, logistics and finance sectors. The accelerator offers up to €60,000 of equity-free funding, tailor-made technical support, extensive business support and 1-on-1 mentorship.

More information about the Open Call, Eligibility Criteria and the Acceleration Programme can be found within the Block.IS Guidelines for Applicants (page 15).

Block.IS Virtual Challenges

Block.IS will organise 4 challenges. The winners of each challenge (in total 8 SMEs) will enter the Block.IS INNOVATE phase. The procedures and selection process of the challenges are described in the the Block.IS Guidelines for Applicants (page 29). It should be underlined that SMEs that participate at the challenges but are not selected, may submit proposals via the Open Call submission procedure. For each challenge there will be one external organization, the challenger, that will define a theme and the problem to be addressed. The theme will be announced with the challenge, the problem will only be announced during challenge kick-off.

Deadline for each Block.IS Challenge application submission is July 3rd, 17:00 CEST (Brussels Time). Block.IS Challenges Information Pack provides a set of information regarding Block.IS Challenges – such as Context, Eligibility Criteria, Agenda, as well as Motivation and Theme of each Challenge.

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