Are you an innovator, a startup or an SME? Are you interested in the application of deep-tech innovation – such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, etc – in any sector of the European economy and industry? Or your business or a project already includes a deep-tech solution?
If one of your answers was YES, then we have an opportunity for you! We are sure that we can boost your idea or solution with the STARTUP3 Business and Growth Programme and create perfect matchmaking between you and corporates and investors with the STARTUP3 Cooperation Platform!
Deep dive in the STARTUP3 Accelerator programme and become part of the Ecosystem!
What is STARTUP3?

For the European deep-tech start-up scene to grow sustainably and achieve its potential impact, access to real market problems and test beds is required. It is our vision to build smart spaces ecosystem, a reef-like deep-tech hub-of-hubs that fosters deep-tech startups & SMEs to scale and capture new opportunities for funding and business expansion. Driven by real market needs, the STARTUP3 project builds and facilitates an open and collaborative ecosystem for high impact deep-tech innovators and corporates and acts as a cross-border/sectoral market-maker.

STARTUP3 Business and Growth Programme Methodology

STARTUP3 Business and Growth Programme aims to build an ecosystem where cluster SMEs, technology SMEs, market-oriented researchers, deep tech ventures, individual innovators/researchers with innovative ideas will be given an opportunity to bring their idea into industry. Target audience will be guided by experts from digital clusters and Digital Innovation Hubs who will support them and connect them with big players, as well as select the most promising ones.

The STARTUP3 Business and Growth Programme will be based on a 3‐stage process:


Support innovators to challenge concepts and ideas, identify market problems, estimate the MVP and overall product effort, and to identify their competitors from the deep-tech sphere.


An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) needs to be built and tested; this MVP will be launched together with a digital marketing plan aimed at measuring traction.


Building solid partnerships and detecting real investment opportunities for the top projects in the STARTUP3 business and growth programme.
STARTUP3 Timeline