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STARTUP3 Kick-Off Meeting Novi Sad

The STARTUP3 Kick-Off Meeting took place on the 16th and 17th of January in Novi Sad, Serbia, where seven partners from five European countries gathered to discuss in person the project’s objectives, and future work and expected plans.

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In order to come a step closer to the STARTUP3 Project, the InoSens team is organising an Informative presentation and a panel discussion called „TECH DEEP DIVE: STARTUP YOUR IDEA“. It will be held in premises of the Business Incubator Novi Sad on the 16th of January at 18:00 CET and it is organised for you – startups, SMEs, young entrepreneurs, and researchers!

STARTUP3 business and growth programme aims to build an ecosystem where cluster SMEs, technology SMEs, market-oriented researchers, deep-tech ventures, individual innovators/researchers with innovative ideas will be given an opportunity to bring their idea into an industry. The target audience will be guided by experts from digital clusters and Digital Innovation Hubs who will support them and connect them with big players, as well as select the most promising ones.

What can you expect during the panel discussion?

In addition to introducing the accelerator programme, you will have a chance to hear more about the local startup ecosystem, opportunities, and challenges that will be positioned ahead of it in the future. We are continuing to develop, acquire knowledge from the bigger companies and always innovate.

In that manner, we are going to talk with diverse people from different branches. You will have a chance to hear about the entrepreneurial ecosystem from more angles from the Project Coordinator, representative of Pole SCS, Guillaume Roux, Dušan Vukanović from ICT Hub Belgrade, Zoja Kukić from „Digital Serbia“ Initiative and Jean-Luc Fretard from Hola – UP, partner on the STARTUP3 Project.

Furthermore, the STARTUP3 business and growth programme will be based on a 3‐stage process:  BEST POTENTIALS > MENTORING: IDEATION2PRODUCT > PRODUCT2MARKET.

During the first phase, STARTUP3 will support innovators to challenge their concepts and ideas, identify market problems, estimate the MVP and overall product effort, as well as also to identify their competitors from the deep-tech sphere.

In the second phase teams will be prepared to enter the last stage – Product2Market by submitting a valid and strong Executive Summary and through soft skills necessary for a successful business meeting.

And finally, the best 5 projects will have a chance for building solid partnerships and detecting real investment opportunities in the STARTUP3 business and growth programme.

Maybe you are interested in the business part of developing your idea, or you are a tech diver and you need help in this sphere of the business. Come and hear what we have to bring to you, check what can you benefit from the acceleration in STARTUP3. The only thing you have to do is to register yourself and you will be a step closer to the achievement of your fairytale dream!

Open Call will launch in February, so stay tuned, follow us on the website and social media channels and become one of the BIG FIVE!

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Panel discussion “TECH DEEP DIVE: STARTUP your IDEA” which will be held at Business Incubator Novi Sad on the 16th of January 2020, will host mindful panelists who will explain in more detail the concept of the STARTUP3 project and what can be gained by participating in it.

Are you interested to join us? Click on the button below and register yourself so you can hear from our successful panelists all about the project and startup/SME community in Serbia!

For the beginning, we are presenting to you our panel discussion participants, and, of course, our panel moderator.

The moderator of the panel will be Ivana Sabo, community manager in Business Incubator. Her passion for work and the community in Business Incubator are telling more than anything else about her excellence and dedication. She is skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PHP, WordPress, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Event Management. She is a strong media and communication professional with a Bachelor with Honours in Political Science and International Affairs focused in International Politics from Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade.

The first panelist is Jean-Luc Fretard from HOLA-UP, one of the partners on the project. Jean-Luc is an innovator with 25 years of experience in creating, developing and managing digital solutions and businesses. Years spent as Director of Innovation, Managing Director, and Board Member of various companies and organizations, large and small, have earned him unshakable confidence in the power of collective intelligence as well as great acuteness in what hampers creation and innovation. In 2018, he co-founded the Startup Studio HOLA-UP, as CEO with extraordinary people. Jean-Luc will present a unique methodology that will be used during the STARTUP3 project.

Dušan Vukanović is an innovation consultant, entrepreneur, and lecturer. He has more than 15 years of experience in implementing various consulting projects in areas of human resources management, organizational development, strategic communications, and innovation. In ICT Hub, a leading organization in the area of corporate innovation, which he joined in 2015, Dušan is in charge of designing and delivering programs that support the most successful companies in Serbia and the region on their innovation journeys.

The next one is our special lady, Zoja Kukić. Zoja is the Startup Ecosystem Programme Director for the Digital Serbia Initiative and the co-founder of Startit. She is working together with entrepreneurs, investors, startup support organizations and corporations in order to create the right environment for Serbian startups to grow. Zoja obtained a Bachelor’s and Masters’s degree at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade and is active in women-empowerment activities in the tech and business sector.

And finally, the last, but not least, Guillaume Roux, representative of Pole SCS, coordinator of the STARTUP3 Project. Guillaume Roux has been in charge of the International Affairs and European Innovation projects at SCS since 2013. He has over ten years’ experience in the management of European innovation projects and is responsible for this activity at SCS, for the cluster and its members. Since 2018, he has been the coordinator of the IoT4Industry project, a 5 million H2020 cascade funding project for the integration of IoT technologies (including Big Data, AI, Digital Security) in machines, industrial processes and factories in Europe. He has a good overview of Industry 4.0 technologies and use cases in Europe, and is well connected to the different actors of its value chain (R&D centers, large companies, SMEs, clusters, Digital Innovation Hubs…).

We hope that you will enjoy during the panel, as much as we are excited about starting the new project that will help the startup/SME community around Europe! And don’t forget to register! 😊

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Are you a startup, SME, researcher or innovator and you want to develop your idea within big European companies? If you want that in one place, in one project, the new one called STARTUP3 starts in January 2020 and you can be part of it! The project and its benefits will be presented in the premises of the Business Incubator Novi Sad on the 16th of January.

A panel discussion called “TECH DEEP DIVE: STARTUP YOUR IDEA” will be organised as part of the event. Participants of the panel will be representatives of the STARTUP3 Project, European Commission, ICT Hub from Belgrade, as well as representatives of the Corporate Community involved in the project. The moderator of the panel will be Ivana Sabo, from the Business Incubator Novi Sad.

Sound interesting?

In addition to introducing the accelerator programme, you will have a chance to hear more about the local startup ecosystem, opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of it in the future. We are continuing to develop, acquire knowledge from bigger companies and always innovate.

Be present, discover something new and join us in the panel discussion, it will be remarkable. The theme that we will be discussing is opportunities for developing startups and SMEs within EU projects, how to use it in the best way as well as how to cooperate with big companies.

Get ready with your questions and see you in Business Incubator on the 16th of January at 18:00 CET!


18:00 – Welcome Speech & Introduction

18:05 – What is the STARTUP3 Project?

18:15 – Panel discussion, theme “TECH DEEP DIVE: STARTUP YOUR IDEA”

19:30 – 20:00 – Networking & cocktails

Please register yourself or your company, so you can get information on time!


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