Webinar: STARTUP3 Ecosystem Discovery Mission Slovenia

ITC – Innovation Technology Cluster and STARTUP3 Accelerator consortium virtually organize the Ecosystem Discovery Mission event in Slovenia on the November 12th, 2020.

The STARTUP3 Ecosystem Discovery Missions are a supporting tool/methodology to engage and connect startups/SMEs (from different ecosystems) allowing its participants to understand and “feel” the hosting ecosystem, learn the processes required to boost innovation, find out about the available resources, build relationships and expand their networks and capacity to support their SMEs’ growth.

In this webinar, the first part will be dedicated to taking a deep look at the startup ecosystem in Slovenia, where some key players, who are coming from different support environments (private, university, and public) will present their initiatives and view on what is the best way to support the startup community.

The second part of the webinar will be dedicated to startup acceleration and pitching. Experts/mentors will speak about different opportunities for startups (financing and others) and coach them on how to properly sell their stories to the investors. The webinar will be concluded by a pitching session, where startups will be able to show their skills in pitching, while participants will vote who is the best one and who will receive 1 on 1 mentorship from a STARTUP3 Consortium mentor.

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Webinar Agenda

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STARTUP3 Top 10: Take a look at the best deep-tech innovators!

The STARTUP3 Project announces the Top 10 Innovators! Over the next 6 months, teams from all over Europe will continue working hard to build the next great deep-tech startup!

STARTUP3 is proud to announce the 10 companies selected to participate in the 2nd phase of the STARTUP3 Business and Growth Programme. They represent a group of founders and entrepreneurs addressing challenges across different deep-tech industries that have the potential to make a lasting impact in creating a more equitable and inclusive global influence.

Each of these 10 companies tackles systemic industry obstacles and embodies what it means to drive inclusive innovation. STARTUP3 is excited to see how they will continue their growth over the next 6 months of the programme and beyond.

More about 2nd phase – MENTORING: IDEATION2PRODUCT

STARTUP3 is a mentorship-driven accelerator programme. During this phase, teams will be prepared to enter the last stage – Product2Market by submitting a valid and strong Executive Summary and through soft skills necessary for a successful business meeting. After this phase, the projects holding a major market potential will be invited to enter the last stage of the process.

Individuals from Europe, from startup founders to corporate and community leaders, have raised their hands offering to do whatever they can to help STARTUP3 companies succeed. Leaders in the deep-tech industries, such as NVIDIA, Symag by BNP Paribas, TMW, and 30 others have also taken note of STARTUP3’s efforts, and have signed on to mentor programme’s incoming teams and support innovators.

A virtual accelerator is not a lesser, or less valuable, accelerator. It provides the ability to embrace the constraints to innovate, being globally inclusive with mentors, investors, and interesting new technologies. Stay tuned for more from the STARTUP3 Innovators!

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Recap of the STARTUP3 Pitch Stop #1

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”  – Steve Jobs, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, Apple

The first STARTUP3 Pitch Stop was a 3-day event organised from September 16th till 18th – designed to gather the 25 deep-tech Best potentials from the STARTUP3 Open Call. The event was divided into 4 sessions; all sessions had started with an opening welcome speech by Clémence Castell from Pole SCS, Project Coordinator, and Jean-Luc Fretard from HOLA-UP Startup Studio, providing an overview of the STARTUP3 Project and its activities to all of the Pitch Stop participants.

The introduction was followed by a session where all STARTUP3 Innovators from the Open Call had an opportunity to introduce themselves and their solutions with 5-minute pitch presentations. The Innovators’ pitches were followed by a Q&A session between STARTUP3 Corporate Pool members and the Pitch Stop participants, which led to fruitful discussions and useful conclusions on the topics relevant to STARTUP3 Innovators.

Christophe Imbert photo

Christophe Imbert

We have been impressed by the quality and diversity of pitches that have been delivered by startups at various levels of maturity. The STARTUP3 delivers a very clear snapshot of what’s next in Europe in terms of business areas, innovations, and coming challenges to solve. An energizing event that sets the flavor for what’s next in a complex world.

During the Q&A sessions, members of the Corporate Pool had an opportunity to ask questions about products and services developed by innovators. This is one of the key aspects of the Pitch Stop since it provided the innovators with a rare opportunity to meet their potential investors and collaborators considering their geographical distribution, facilitating quality networking, and raising the potential for new business deals and ventures.

Finally, jury members composed of the Corporate Pool members as well as of the Consortium Partners, gave a final assessment to all innovators present. The best 10 innovators are selected! They will be part of the 6-month long growth training and mentorship. Teams will be prepared to enter the last stage – Product2Market by submitting a valid and strong Executive Summary and through soft skills necessary for a successful business meeting. After this phase, the projects holding a major market potential will be invited to enter the last stage of the process.

Clémence Castell photo

Clémence Castell

Pole SCS
The Pitch Stop revealed the tangible progress made by the startups, of which the whole STARTUP3 consortium can be proud. I am thankful for the valuable contributions of the jury members composed of quality corporates, accelerators, RTOs and clusters, in a climate of goodwill. This online pitch competition was a challenge but an excellent exercise for the startups, as it turns to be the current trend!
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Swiss International Airlines approved the BeOn IoT Solution

BeOn IoT in a nutshell

BeOn IoT provides asset tracking services for sensitive and valuable products that are transported by air freight.

BeOn has been founded by Pierre-Jean Tiné and is based in Toulouse, France.

The mission of BeOn is to help secure that sensitive and valuable products are transported and stored in proper conditions for people and organizations who need them most. Users access BeOn services on a web platform collecting real-time monitoring data from BeOn A1, the sustainable tracking device recommended by the air transport industry.

Product description

With access to the BeOn platform, shippers have real-time visibility on the transportation conditions of their products. If an alert is received, the shipper may trigger an intervention to save the product.

Freight forwarders may also access to the platform to track shipments, synchronize ground handlers operations with flight operations to reduce out-of-cold-rooms time, trigger an intervention to save products, and eventually abort useless transportation if a product is wasted.

BeOn platform brings transparency in transport liability and more collaboration between supply chain stakeholders to improve air freight performance and attract more shippers and customers.

Real-time monitoring of temperature, movement, shocks, and position of shipments is powered by the BeOn tracking device. By using Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) and smart operating modes, BeOn A1 reaches a 3-years battery life to make BeOn A1 a sustainable solution and a game changer compares to other activity tracking devices using GSM networks with only a few weeks of battery life. Finally, BeOn A1 is compliant with air transport regulations. Electromagnetic performance has been optimized and the battery has been carefully designed to mitigate any safety risk.

Collaboration with Swiss International Air Lines

In the air transport industry, the use of active tracking devices is very restricted to ensure flight operations safety. Tracking device manufacturers must design and test their devices according to aviation-specific standards. Device manufacturers must provide extensive technical documentation and rationales for standard compliance to airlines or national aviation authorities who check and assess the documentation to approve the use of the tracking device on board of aircraft.

Swiss International Airlines is the first airline to approve BeOn A1 tracking device in air operations. And BeOn A1 is the first LPWAN device to be approved in Swiss operations. With this collaboration, BeOn shows its ability to comply with air transport regulations and provide a tracking device that is compliant with the highest quality and safety standards. It gives BeOn the opportunity to address all customers of Swiss International Air Lines shipping valuable and sensitives goods worldwide. Swiss International Air Lines shows its willingness to bring innovation, new technologies, and better real-time asset tracking services to customers and partners. It gives Swiss International Air Lines the opportunity to grow its portfolio of services with real-time transport condition visibility based on a sustainable solution – BeOn A1 having 3years of battery life.

Pierre-Jean Tiné photo

Pierre-Jean Tiné

BeOn IoT Founder
STARTUP3 helps BeOn in defining the problem and assess how painful it is for the target customers and how competition does not solve it fully. STARTUP3 program brings BeOn a framework to transform a great technical solution into a successful business. Through dedicated webinars and workshops, STARTUP3 has helped BeOn in focusing on what is the problem, how painful it is for the customers, and how the competition does not fully solve it.

Future Steps for BeOn IoT

BeOn is willing to make BeOn A1 approves by more and more airlines to address more customers and reach more destinations worldwide. BeOn has the technology and the expertise to handle air transport complex approval process which is the key to access the air freight market accounting for approximately 35% of world trade by value.

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STARTUP3 Winner – Terroir from Space


Terroir from Space started its journey at the end of 2019. At the beginning of 2020, it was selected from a European accelerator, receiving first equity-free funding. Ever since, it started to develop its service in close interaction with potential customers, growing also its network made of tech-experts and startups. Currently, Alessandro Saetta, the founder, is the sole member of this project: he is an Italian Aerospace Engineer, soon to graduate as MSc Space Engineer from Politecnico di Milano. He has a solid background in Space technologies and downstream applications, with a passion for high-quality wine. Coupling his academic background with this passion, he decided to develop a service in support of modern viticulture, more and more affected by climate change, exploiting EO data and AI. Soon a new member will join the team, supporting the current development of the solution.


Terroir from Space offers a service to detect unexploited planting sites eligible to host vineyards. By exploiting EO data, several parameters associated with the soil and the climate are obtained for different locations. By ingesting this information within our properly trained AI algorithm, we can detect and classify new planting sites, with long-term resilience to climate change. Thus wine growers will safely invest acquiring new land, producing high-quality grapes in good quantity across the years. Moreover, we offer a monitoring service of the status of existing vineyards, providing advice on the best agronomic practices to be implemented.

Alessandro Saetta photo

Alessandro Saetta

Founder @ Terroir from Space
I believe my participation in the STARTUP3 Project will boost the development of my startup: thanks to the training sessions I will finetune my service on the customers’ needs and improve the marketing side; moreover I will effectively estimate my MVP and outline a solid roadmap. Being also part of an international network of promising high-tech startups from various sectors is a great added value. Finally, if well played, I have the chance to receive the needed funding from a pool of investors.
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STARTUP3 Winner – Termodron


At Termodron we are helping to decrease the use of chemicals in the agricultural industry, reduce costs, and gain a positive impact on the environment with the incorporation of drones and other modern technologies. We have successfully managed to integrate the technologies to major professional farmers and farming companies in Slovenia. Our team has experience from IT, mechatronics, agronomy, and marketing sectors.


We are providing innovative service as a solution; based on collected data about crop status using advanced sensors and satellites we make prescriptions for fertilization, spraying, and other tasks in food production. Results are integrated into existing farming machinery and infrastructure to achieve optimal results.

Sergej Krajnc photo

Sergej Krajnc

CEO @Termodron
We look forward to learning new knowledge about building a sustainable business ecosystem and to meeting new people.
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STARTUP3 Winner – Sensoria Analytics


Sensoria Analytics develops innovative, digital solutions that analyses bio-signals by exploiting advancements in the fields of optics, electronics, MEMS systems and artificial intelligence. Its primary focus is on the prevention and detection of cardiovascular, respiratory risks.
The company is founded by Dr Slah ARIDHI, 20+ years of expertise in international R&D in Wireless Telecom and Biosignals. Systems engineering, Theory and applications of signal processing, Project/ Program coordination and Technology strategy.
The business development is led by Olivier Brie, 15+ years experience in operating companies from early stages to commercial. Co-founded 2 start-ups and led them through the various stages of development.
Slim Jemai is responsible of the financial engineering handling the fundraising and other aspects for project calls.
Sensoria is collaborating with the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire of NICE and the Fondamental foundation for the clinical trials.


CardioSensys is an application coupled with an oximeter, that uses the latest developments in artificial intelligence and biosignal processing.
This precise risk assessment yields an analysis of 7 key vital signs in only 2 minutes and allows the immediate evaluation of cardiovascular and respiratory risk.

CardioSensys is a solution that monitors internal heart markers, to identify heart problems before they become serious and cause non-reversible damage or death. This solution is small and portable allowing users to be monitored anywhere, anytime. The product is envisaged to be used initially by medical professionals wishing to obtain more cardiac information for their patients. It may also be used by patients whose doctors wish them to be monitored more closely outside the medical environment, where the information gathered may be uploaded to the doctor or cardiologist for deeper analysis. This remote and accurate monitoring would reduce the number of doctor visits for easily obtainable measurements, and cardiologist visits for in-depth follow-up measurements. Remote or rural communities would particularly benefit. It is envisaged that this would generate valuable information for the doctors and cardiologists allowing decisions to be more informed.

Slah ARIDHI photo


CEO @ Sensoria Analytics
Sensoria analytics is an almost 3 years old company operating in the eHealth field. We already went through all the usual steps for startups (support from the local system, incubation, patents, Vivatech, CES2020, etc ....). Now, after finalizing the prototype and starting the product packaging, we are looking forward to work with European experts for validation of our commercial strategy in France and in Europe. We hope, by the same token, get into contact with a major eHealth player (big pharma, medical industrial, etc...) in order to initiate potential collaboration that could boost the acceptability of our current product (CardioSensys) and move forward with our roadmap.
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STARTUP3 Winner – RTsafe


RTsafe was founded in 2014 by three members of academia with extensive research in Radiotherapy Dosimetry, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and Medical Device Technology. RTsafe has introduced Individualized Care to Radiation Oncology. It designs and manufactures the first Internationally patented / FDA-cleared, patient-specific, anatomically-exact models of human head and brain tissue. These are offered to Radiotherapy clinics for simulating radiation therapy for each patient ahead of actual treatment in a totally risk-free environment, thus maximizing cancer patient safety and treatment effectiveness.
RTsafe’s team to date comprises 21 members incorporating strong business skills, scientific knowledge, and technological expertise.


Brain metastases are a serious condition that affects around 4M people annually. Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), an ideally highly accurate type of Radiotherapy, is prescribed as a treatment of choice in the vast majority of cases in developed markets. Due to this, SRS is expected to grow by 150% over the next decade. However, inaccuracies and medical errors have been found to occur regularly, leading to either sub-optimal treatments, side-effects or in extreme cases mortality. There has been no way to practically ensure the accuracy of the treatment for each individual patient.
PseudoPatient being an exact anatomical replica of the patient’s head (bone and soft tissue), offers a complete 3D means of treatment validation prior to application to the real patient. We offer clinics and patients the unique solution to maximize certainty and safety regarding SRS treatment outcomes.

Iosif Dalezios photo

Iosif Dalezios

CEO @ RTSafe
We are looking for “smart” funding. Meaning, investors in the MedTech industry who can contribute to the company’s growth with cross-synergies, networking, and other resources beyond monetary ones.
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STARTUP3 Winner – Revalue It Ltd.


Revalue It offers 3 services to our beachhead market; olive producers. 1) We offer a full traceability system based on the IBM Food Trust blockchain database that tracks the product from the farm to a retail store. 2) Independent Certification (Extra Virgin, Pollutants, Health Claim (polyphenol content), Environmental. 3) Consulting to transition farms toward regenerative agroecology practices. Our CEO Nicolas Netien has been working with Regenerative Agriculture for over 15 years, and his olive oil has received ‘The World’s Healthiest Olive Oil’ record, annually for the past 5 years. We also have a blockchain expert and engineer/systems design.


Carbon Sequestration is the key to reducing the impact of climate change. The biggest anthropological driver to the carbon cycle in agriculture. Modern agriculture releases a large amount of carbon into the atmosphere, while agroecology significantly reverses this trend. Carbon offsets are issued to lands to be traded and bought by atmospheric polluting corporations/sectors. However, these are based on presumptions and are inaccurate.
We aim to develop the technology that will accurately provide data-based scientifically validated carbon sequestration results, and be able to certify/issue carbon offsets.

Mr. Roberto Sciffo photo

Mr. Roberto Sciffo

COO @ Revalue It.
As with any venture, what is more important than funding is the right education, exposure, and connections to like-minded people/teams/companies., which I believe STARTUP3 brings. The 3 phase approach is very interesting and important for us at this phase in our company's development, and it will take the dedication for a serious team to keep going; a team like ours. Our approach to development is quite novel, and I feel that the STARTUP3 is also a novel approach, and so, very much looking forward to it.
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STARTUP3 Winner – Pycno Technologies


At Pycno, we enable companies around the world with plug and play and maintenance-free IoT products, so that our customers can have a faster go to the market and focus on their customer needs rather than reinventing the wheel dealing with all the inefficiencies of designing and manufacturing hardware.


Pycno provides the whole IoT solution for companies with rugged, yet simple to use, install, and maintain products for both inside and outside. Combining multiple sensors and actuators, communication to the internet on 95% of the countries, data storage, accessibility and visualisation, and even the possibility of white-labeling.

Nahuel Lavino photo

Nahuel Lavino

Jedi Master @ Pycno Technologies
On STARTUP3 we would like to get an unbiased opinion of our business current and future plans from experienced mentors. After some improvements and fine-tuning, we would love to get contacts and intros to potential customers, partners, etc.
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