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STARTUP3 Winner – My Data Models


Based in Sophia Antipolis and Paris (France), MyDataModels grants machine learning accessible to every professional in every domain, with no coding nor machine learning skills required. MyDataModels patented technology can work with as little as 30 data points and is able to select automatically the best machine learning model among an infinity of models. Like no-one on the market, MyDataModels can run its prediction in any environment would it be at the Edge e.g. in an Industrial Robot or Embedded e.g. in the microcontroller of a coffee machine.


Offer : TADA® allows all Business Experts to create predictive models in minutes and guarantees clear and explainable results. Models can be run on any small data set, on any device.
Unique in the Machine Learning market, our technology automatically selects the best model from an infinite number of models and executes its prediction in any environment.
With TADA®, MyDataModels gives access to automated Machine Learning to all Business Experts without any code or Machine Learning skills.
TADA® in synthesis :
– Ability to model from small samples of historical data or rare events (ex: breakdowns).
– Ease of use: no data science knowledge required.
– Simple and compact predictive models (mathematical equations) that can be run anywhere.
Our use cases: Medical, Finance & Services, Industry, IT, Marketing.

SEYRAT Claude  photo


CMO @ MyDataModels
By participating in STARTUP3 we expect to find new business paths, new markets and collaborations that will ultimately grow our business and increase our product-market fit.
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STARTUP3 Winner – Mobilly


Mobilly is one of the best-known mobile payment providers in Baltics with 250 000+ happy clients using it’s services daily. It has never been so easy – pay for parking, car wash, taxi services or purchase train, bus, and museum tickets on your phone everywhere. Even a specialty cup of coffee is an easy purchase with this app. Mobilly has set an aim to create a billing system that allows mobile phone users to make and receive payments within boundaries of mobile coverage.

Behind this app there is a team of 30 highly professional, innovative, driven and creative individuals working on different projects. Not a day goes by without the help of everybody’s favorite cocker spaniel Dali.


Mobilly Parking Box – a 5G ready artificial intelligence parking controller with a friendly client service always on watch. This is an ANPR camera-based electronic parking payment solution with fully automatic payments and parking control – when a car enters the parking lot, the camera reads the plate number, and the counter starts. For our client this is the best solution. Once registered in the system, payments always are made automatically when the car leaves the parking lot and its plate number is recognized. Payments also can be made with QR code or via Webpage.

Katerina Tretjakova photo

Katerina Tretjakova

Product Owner @ Mobilly
We are excited to be recognized among the 25 best applicants in STARTUP3 Project. Mentoring is the key element I am most expecting. I'm looking forward to expand knowledge about the process of building successful and innovative products: new technologies, leading the team, sales, marketing tips, etc. Another thing I am expecting from STARTUP3 - new contacts, that could help us to start exporting our product to the other EU countries.
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STARTUP3 Winner – Magos


Quanta & Qualia aspires of a future where current user interaction devices -joysticks- in the extended reality era will be replaced by a more intuitive one, entirely revolutionizing the interaction between end user and digital environment, providing appreciably higher user experience.

Our team has the courage to be creative. We foster an environment that encourages idea-sharing. We recognize that building a culture where everyone feels valued, leads us to achieve our collective vision. We are a team of eight professionals with complementary backgrounds and experience in XR, hardware, software, 3D printing, project management, marketing and business development in several industries.

Q&Q’s members have huge personal experience in national and international collaborations. Indicatively, they have experience in EU, H2020 and ESA funded programs and cooperations with partners like Safran, Dassault Aviation, OHB, Airbus, Trasys, gmv, MBDA, Thales, etc. Its competencies include an interdisciplinary team of professionals with a complementary background in HW and SW development, design thinking, finance, project management, contract management, marketing and communications, people-team management in large companies and in complex projects in several industry sectors.


Analyzing in depth the state of the art input device solutions -Joystics/Controllers- in XR market, it is common knowledge that they do not provide the desired level of user experience (limited Degrees of Freedom, low accuracy). For that reason we see a next generation device as the enabler which will revolutionize the whole framework upon which applications will be built, making possible the implementation of scenarios with high dexterity.

Our product, Magos is a new technology, integrated into a pair of gloves. More specifically, Magos can be integrated with Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) solutions, entirely revolutionizing the interaction framework in XR environments in a natural way unleashing users’ fingers.

You could imagine that actions like “transform digital clay” could be performed with users’ finger, instead of controllers, interacting naturally inside the digital environment. That means that not only XR content creators can develop more intuitive and immersive applications but also enterprises will benefit from those.

Magos Gloves (patent pending) aspire to become the dominant human computer interaction solution in XR environments. The fact that its finger tracking accuracy (1000x more accurate) and the 25/27 Degrees of Freedom (competition less than 10 DoF) are far away from the competition constitutes the causes to achieve the above-mentioned goal.

Having a closer look at the competitors, there is no dominant solution in finger/hand tracking. All key competitors are grouped into three categories based on the technology they use for finger/hand tracking. Each one of them have several technology drawbacks that constrain their usage. The major problem in case of IMU based solutions is the error accumulation, something that often requires recalibration. The dominant problem in wireless based solutions is the occlusion effect, something that is a huge restriction in the range of tracking scenarios. Lastly, the key drawback in electromagnetic solutions is the interference by external environments, which distorts the tracking measurements. In addition to the above-mentioned drawbacks, all existing solutions perform tracking with the use of hand kinematic models, as a result of the technology constraint to provide “real” data.

Greg Agriopoulos photo

Greg Agriopoulos

CEO @ Magos
We are very enthusiastic about our participation in the accelerator. We expect to utilize the services by the STARTUP3 ecosystem to create strategic growth for our startup, attract VCs, and reach the go to market as soon as possible.
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STARTUP3 Winner – Latitudo40


Founded in 2017 by 4 space industry experts and image analysis gurus, Latitudo 40 has combined the 20 years of experience of the “aged” founders to the multidisciplinary and young team which has grown to over 10 people. The team has now artificial intelligence, machine learning, image processing experts, UIX specialists and business development professionals. Our vision is to give easy access to satellite images for everyone.


Latitudo 40 has created the easiest and fastest platform to turn satellite imagery into geospatial information to support everyday decisions. Every day we put our passion in creating new tools that allow people to monitor the earth, with the skills and knowledge you need to read an email or post your pictures on social networks. With all this information at your fingertips, you can make better and faster decisions to support your activities and have a positive impact on your daily process. From infrastructure monitoring, to precision agriculture and emergency response, we believe that understanding the pace of world changes will help to change it, in the right direction.

Gaetano Volpe photo

Gaetano Volpe

CEO @ Latitudo40
STARTUP3 is a great opportunity for our company, both for the ability to have an evaluation of our business model and for the great networking opportunities.
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STARTUP3 Winner – Laava Tech


Laava Tech develops and manufactures smart LED lighting solutions for a variety of industries including vertical and hydroponics farms and insect protein operations. With offices in Silicon Valley, California; Warsaw, Poland; and Tallinn, Estonia, Laava Tech has a global reach.


Laava Tech software gives you complete control over for example the power, spectrum, and intensity of your lighting solution. You can control your lights individually or in batches, remotely and wirelessly.

Laava Tech proprietary control unit works with most LED grow lights on the market, enabling complete control over the lighting network in the most energy-efficient way.

Laava Tech LED grow light is a cost-effective solution for indoor farming, combining the superior performance of Laava Tech hardware and software.

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STARTUP3 Winner – Ingredio


Ingredio’s mission is to empower the growing portion of people that want to live a healthy lifestyle and be more conscious about healthy nutrition and cosmetics without toxic chemicals. We aim to educate the consumers towards more informed decisions about the products they bring into their homes.

We want to create a society free of toxic chemicals and inform and educate consumers about the ingredients of the products they buy. Our aim is to protect human health and the environment and raise awareness towards a world free of dangerous chemicals.


Ingredio is a mobile application, through which the user can take a picture of the ingredients of a cosmetics or food product with a mobile phone, and is informed whether these ingredients are safe or toxic/allergenic or of natural origin according to existing chemical databases. Our application is aimed at informing the growing share of consumers who want to know what is contained in the products they use and embrace healthy eating and cosmetics without toxic chemicals. We inform consumers whether the ingredients of a cosmetic or food product are safe or toxic and if they are of natural origin according to a verified chemical database. Our application can be used without geographical restrictions for chemical ingredients listed in English.

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STARTUP3 Winner – Haruspex


Haruspex is currently the only solution available on the market that is able to predict, according to the desired level of confidence, how an ICT infrastructure could be attacked, before the cyber attacks occur in reality, thus providing solutions to neutralize the attackers, making it the perfect match for securing the IT/OT systems.

The company has been set up in 2017 and has been profitable ever since. The patented products are an output of a very long r&d project of the University of Pisa under the supervision of professor Fabrizio Baiardi who, together with Marcello Montecucco, former IBM manager and CEO of the company, are the two main shareholders. A young and talented team of 10+ cybersecurity experts fill the team, whose business development manager is Filippo Lubrano, with great tractions in the startup world.


The prediction can be performed both before the attacks occur or in real-time, under attack, allowing an unmatched level of Cyber Resilience of IT/OT infrastructure. The prediction provides the customer with all the relevant info concerning which vulnerabilities might be, or are being, exploited by hackers; the success probability of the attacks, and how long the system will resist before fatal collapsing. Moreover, Haruspex can compute the minimum set of countermeasures to neutralize the risk (typically less than 5% of the total vulnerabilities).

Haruspex defines its superior offer by granting continuous, life-long cyber risk assessment and remediation, following the entire period required, and a high added-value Forensics investigation service in case of data breaches.

Filippo Lubrano photo

Filippo Lubrano

Business Development Manager @ Haruspex
We do believe that STARTUP3 will be a great chance to develop our network of contacts and gain some leads with some major European players. Our expertise in Italy has brought us to sell our services to some of the biggest companies and governmental entities in the domestic market and we now expect STARTUP3 to boost our international network. We basically to increase our visibility and have the chance to cooperate with important customers to help them secure their systems.
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STARTUP3 Winner – Fauna Smart Technologies


Fauna Smart Technologies builds products based on long-term scientific research for an infinitely sustainable future. We provide farmers with a science & tech system to grow food and re-build biodiversity, heal the planetary ecosystems, starting with agro-ecosystems. This is how we re-design crop protection strategies by placing a focus on plant internal trait – immunity, promoting ecological choices, and infinitely sustainable farming practices instead of fighting pathogens externally with chemicals. We operate in both open and closed agricultural field systems and provide data-driven, science-based digital and hardware solutions via farmer-friendly tools and services.t.


We are developing a digital platform that allows you to keep track on the conditions of your crops, providing insights from in-field data collection. You can pair your already existing devices and get support from specialized services and advisors. Furthermore, after many years of research we have developed a reliable way to detect biological markers of active immunity, using lab-tests. When immunity is active, plants are able to defend themselves, there is no need for further spraying of (bio)pesticides.

Dragana Vukašinović photo

Dragana Vukašinović

Founder & CEO @ Fauna Smart Technologies
I am looking forward to the STARTUP 3 journey and meeting experienced mentors and coaches to assist us in navigating product development and commercialization efforts.
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STARTUP3 Winner – EOanalytics Ltd.


EOanalytics Ltd. is a Dublin, Ireland based SME working the field of agricultural and environmental Earth observation. We are involved in Irish EPA-funded research projects pertaining to upland vegetation phenology and wildfires, and the AgSat project, the ideal agri-environmental Earth observation satellite concept.



The AgSat concept is the next generation of Earth observation satellite. It will provide more useful information faster. I will do this using better spectral bands and on-board edge processing to create real-time data products. This will allow customers to better react and manage emergency situations, including fire and flood information and risks. It will also help the government, farmers, and stakeholders provide food in an environmentally sustainable way.

Guy Serbin photo

Guy Serbin

CEO @ EOanalytics Ltd
EOanalytics Limited is excited to be part of the STARTUP3 Project. We look forward to collaborating with other STARTUP3 members on a variety of projects. While our main goal is to advance the AgSat project and make it a reality, we also want work with other companies on their product ideas, providing our Earth observation expertise for a number of applications, including precision agriculture, environmental quality and health, and land cover/ land use change applications.
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STARTUP3 Winner – EbreDrone


EbreDrone is specialized in RPA technology applications focused on offering Drone solutions in industry and agriculture. They are an enthusiastic multi-technical team (Aeronautical, Telecom, and Computer Engineers+MBA+Technical Staff+Pilots+Instructors) with up to 5 years of experience in UAV.

EbreDrone is a drone operator (UAV) specialized in precision agriculture and industry. They improve the profitability of businesses by capturing, processing, and delivering to the client more and better information, and in real-time, about their properties or facilities, which allows better decision-making that impacts efficiency and productivity.


Drone Boat: Automated inspection, detection, and monitoring of waste stains in continental waters.

Hadar Ayxandri Sintorres photo

Hadar Ayxandri Sintorres

CCO @ EbreDrone
STARTUP3 Project is an excellent opportunity to improve our product/service and to find tech partnerships and potential end-users to go to the global market.
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