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STARTUP3 Winner – Terroir from Space


Terroir from Space started its journey at the end of 2019. At the beginning of 2020, it was selected from a European accelerator, receiving first equity-free funding. Ever since, it started to develop its service in close interaction with potential customers, growing also its network made of tech-experts and startups. Currently, Alessandro Saetta, the founder, is the sole member of this project: he is an Italian Aerospace Engineer, soon to graduate as MSc Space Engineer from Politecnico di Milano. He has a solid background in Space technologies and downstream applications, with a passion for high-quality wine. Coupling his academic background with this passion, he decided to develop a service in support of modern viticulture, more and more affected by climate change, exploiting EO data and AI. Soon a new member will join the team, supporting the current development of the solution.


Terroir from Space offers a service to detect unexploited planting sites eligible to host vineyards. By exploiting EO data, several parameters associated with the soil and the climate are obtained for different locations. By ingesting this information within our properly trained AI algorithm, we can detect and classify new planting sites, with long-term resilience to climate change. Thus wine growers will safely invest acquiring new land, producing high-quality grapes in good quantity across the years. Moreover, we offer a monitoring service of the status of existing vineyards, providing advice on the best agronomic practices to be implemented.

Alessandro Saetta photo

Alessandro Saetta

Founder @ Terroir from Space
I believe my participation in the STARTUP3 Project will boost the development of my startup: thanks to the training sessions I will finetune my service on the customers’ needs and improve the marketing side; moreover I will effectively estimate my MVP and outline a solid roadmap. Being also part of an international network of promising high-tech startups from various sectors is a great added value. Finally, if well played, I have the chance to receive the needed funding from a pool of investors.
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STARTUP3 Winner – Termodron


At Termodron we are helping to decrease the use of chemicals in the agricultural industry, reduce costs, and gain a positive impact on the environment with the incorporation of drones and other modern technologies. We have successfully managed to integrate the technologies to major professional farmers and farming companies in Slovenia. Our team has experience from IT, mechatronics, agronomy, and marketing sectors.


We are providing innovative service as a solution; based on collected data about crop status using advanced sensors and satellites we make prescriptions for fertilization, spraying, and other tasks in food production. Results are integrated into existing farming machinery and infrastructure to achieve optimal results.

Sergej Krajnc photo

Sergej Krajnc

CEO @Termodron
We look forward to learning new knowledge about building a sustainable business ecosystem and to meeting new people.
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STARTUP3 Winner – Sensoria Analytics


Sensoria Analytics develops innovative, digital solutions that analyses bio-signals by exploiting advancements in the fields of optics, electronics, MEMS systems and artificial intelligence. Its primary focus is on the prevention and detection of cardiovascular, respiratory risks.
The company is founded by Dr Slah ARIDHI, 20+ years of expertise in international R&D in Wireless Telecom and Biosignals. Systems engineering, Theory and applications of signal processing, Project/ Program coordination and Technology strategy.
The business development is led by Olivier Brie, 15+ years experience in operating companies from early stages to commercial. Co-founded 2 start-ups and led them through the various stages of development.
Slim Jemai is responsible of the financial engineering handling the fundraising and other aspects for project calls.
Sensoria is collaborating with the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire of NICE and the Fondamental foundation for the clinical trials.


CardioSensys is an application coupled with an oximeter, that uses the latest developments in artificial intelligence and biosignal processing.
This precise risk assessment yields an analysis of 7 key vital signs in only 2 minutes and allows the immediate evaluation of cardiovascular and respiratory risk.

CardioSensys is a solution that monitors internal heart markers, to identify heart problems before they become serious and cause non-reversible damage or death. This solution is small and portable allowing users to be monitored anywhere, anytime. The product is envisaged to be used initially by medical professionals wishing to obtain more cardiac information for their patients. It may also be used by patients whose doctors wish them to be monitored more closely outside the medical environment, where the information gathered may be uploaded to the doctor or cardiologist for deeper analysis. This remote and accurate monitoring would reduce the number of doctor visits for easily obtainable measurements, and cardiologist visits for in-depth follow-up measurements. Remote or rural communities would particularly benefit. It is envisaged that this would generate valuable information for the doctors and cardiologists allowing decisions to be more informed.

Slah ARIDHI photo


CEO @ Sensoria Analytics
Sensoria analytics is an almost 3 years old company operating in the eHealth field. We already went through all the usual steps for startups (support from the local system, incubation, patents, Vivatech, CES2020, etc ....). Now, after finalizing the prototype and starting the product packaging, we are looking forward to work with European experts for validation of our commercial strategy in France and in Europe. We hope, by the same token, get into contact with a major eHealth player (big pharma, medical industrial, etc...) in order to initiate potential collaboration that could boost the acceptability of our current product (CardioSensys) and move forward with our roadmap.
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STARTUP3 Winner – RTsafe


RTsafe was founded in 2014 by three members of academia with extensive research in Radiotherapy Dosimetry, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and Medical Device Technology. RTsafe has introduced Individualized Care to Radiation Oncology. It designs and manufactures the first Internationally patented / FDA-cleared, patient-specific, anatomically-exact models of human head and brain tissue. These are offered to Radiotherapy clinics for simulating radiation therapy for each patient ahead of actual treatment in a totally risk-free environment, thus maximizing cancer patient safety and treatment effectiveness.
RTsafe’s team to date comprises 21 members incorporating strong business skills, scientific knowledge, and technological expertise.


Brain metastases are a serious condition that affects around 4M people annually. Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), an ideally highly accurate type of Radiotherapy, is prescribed as a treatment of choice in the vast majority of cases in developed markets. Due to this, SRS is expected to grow by 150% over the next decade. However, inaccuracies and medical errors have been found to occur regularly, leading to either sub-optimal treatments, side-effects or in extreme cases mortality. There has been no way to practically ensure the accuracy of the treatment for each individual patient.
PseudoPatient being an exact anatomical replica of the patient’s head (bone and soft tissue), offers a complete 3D means of treatment validation prior to application to the real patient. We offer clinics and patients the unique solution to maximize certainty and safety regarding SRS treatment outcomes.

Evangelos Pappas photo

Evangelos Pappas

CEO @ RTSafe
We are looking for “smart” funding. Meaning, investors in the MedTech industry who can contribute to the company’s growth with cross-synergies, networking, and other resources beyond monetary ones.
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STARTUP3 Winner – Revalue It Ltd.


Revalue It offers 3 services to our beachhead market; olive producers. 1) We offer a full traceability system based on the IBM Food Trust blockchain database that tracks the product from the farm to a retail store. 2) Independent Certification (Extra Virgin, Pollutants, Health Claim (polyphenol content), Environmental. 3) Consulting to transition farms toward regenerative agroecology practices. Our CEO Nicolas Netien has been working with Regenerative Agriculture for over 15 years, and his olive oil has received ‘The World’s Healthiest Olive Oil’ record, annually for the past 5 years. We also have a blockchain expert and engineer/systems design.


Carbon Sequestration is the key to reducing the impact of climate change. The biggest anthropological driver to the carbon cycle in agriculture. Modern agriculture releases a large amount of carbon into the atmosphere, while agroecology significantly reverses this trend. Carbon offsets are issued to lands to be traded and bought by atmospheric polluting corporations/sectors. However, these are based on presumptions and are inaccurate.
We aim to develop the technology that will accurately provide data-based scientifically validated carbon sequestration results, and be able to certify/issue carbon offsets.

Mr. Roberto Sciffo photo

Mr. Roberto Sciffo

COO @ Revalue It.
As with any venture, what is more important than funding is the right education, exposure, and connections to like-minded people/teams/companies., which I believe STARTUP3 brings. The 3 phase approach is very interesting and important for us at this phase in our company's development, and it will take the dedication for a serious team to keep going; a team like ours. Our approach to development is quite novel, and I feel that the STARTUP3 is also a novel approach, and so, very much looking forward to it.
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STARTUP3 Winner – Pycno Technologies


At Pycno, we enable companies around the world with plug and play and maintenance-free IoT products, so that our customers can have a faster go to the market and focus on their customer needs rather than reinventing the wheel dealing with all the inefficiencies of designing and manufacturing hardware.


Pycno provides the whole IoT solution for companies with rugged, yet simple to use, install, and maintain products for both inside and outside. Combining multiple sensors and actuators, communication to the internet on 95% of the countries, data storage, accessibility and visualisation, and even the possibility of white-labeling.

Nahuel Lavino photo

Nahuel Lavino

Jedi Master @ Pycno Technologies
On STARTUP3 we would like to get an unbiased opinion of our business current and future plans from experienced mentors. After some improvements and fine-tuning, we would love to get contacts and intros to potential customers, partners, etc.
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STARTUP3 Winner – Oscillum


Oscillum is a biotechnology company from Spain whose activity focuses on the development of sensors for the agri-food industry. Oscillum is formed by 3 founders with experience in different sectors, and we aim to make the food value chain more sustainable using biotechnology and nanotechnology. The major problem we face nowadays is food wasting. It is estimated that the third part of the total food production is wasted worldwide and 50% of this waste occurs at a household level, this is due to the lack of information that the consumers have about their food.


We are developing SmartLabel a tag capable of alerting consumers whether their food is edible or not by a simple colour change. It is a technology that needs to be in contact with the food and it detects different metabolites generated by the decomposition of food and bacteria metabolism. Our label works both into the packaging and once it has been opened as long as it remains in contact with the product, and works for fresh meat and fish. We are more effective than our competition because we use a direct measurement of the metabolites of food, something that the competition is not doing yet.

Luis Chimeno photo

Luis Chimeno

Co-founder & CMO @ Oscillum
STARTUP3 opens new opportunities for us to improve our business in many senses. We expect to increase our network and connect with people and companies in the sector to get insight, feedback and knowledge. It is also an opportunity to spread our word and involve in an ecosystem that can contribute us in many ways.
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OPT/NET BV is a technology spin-off start-up from another SME – Opt/Net Consulting BV (which operates as a consulting services provider in the telecom industry). OPT/NET BV was incorporated on 19 Feb 2018 and managed to attract external investments of 270k Euro in August 2018 from 2 angel investors and its employees, primarily because of the AI-related IPR, which was developed by Opt/Net Consulting BV during incubation at SBIC in Noordwijk in 2014-2016 and duly transferred to OPT/NET BV during incorporation. Our growing team comprises technical, commercial, and operational expertise.


“AI Engine” lets anyone quickly build AI Solutions on top of it without being a data science expert. The first AI Solution we built (in-house) is OptOSS AI, monitoring critical IT infrastructures in real time and helping ops teams make decisions that ensure business and service continuity. We have also branched out into the GIS industry, with our award-winning TSAR AI solution. This solution analyses Geospatial imagery to help teams in emergency management, defence, and critical infrastructure sectors work more effectively. Finally, we have also merged these two solutions into a holistic multi-band data fusion platform called MONITORED AI.

Taras Matselyukh photo

Taras Matselyukh

CEO & Founder @ OPT/NET
As an ambitious European startup that aims to foster a community of innovation partners (from the public and private sector alike) that are eager to create value through our AI technology, we expect the STARTUP3 Project will boost us along our trajectory and open many new doors.
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STARTUP3 Winner – NSoilab


NSoilab is a biotechnological start-up with an idea to produce eco-friendly microbial-based products for application in sustainable and organic agriculture, in order to produce high-quality and healthy food and feed, but also to improve soil quality. The main focus of our company is the development and production of microbial fertilizers with an advanced formulation based on biopolymers, as well as biopesticides. Our team consists of two biotechnologists and one agricultural engineer, with broad personal experience in agricultural activities, sales and marketing. Our vision for the future is to develop and produce personalized and custom-made microbial products for certain soil type and crop sort.


FertyColl is a microbial fertilizer based on biopolymers that promote plant growth and nutrition in an ecologically sustainable way, provides plant protection from target pests and diseases, contributes to better water retention in soil, and maintains soil quality, as one of the vital requirements in agricultural systems. The main advantage of our product includes its unique polymer-based formulation, which provides controlled release of active components, implying higher production efficiency and lower usage frequency, reduced required quantities of agrochemicals, economic savings, and obtaining of healthier food. The biodegradable polymer-based formulation also provides better water retention in the soil, reducing irrigation water use.

Vanja Vlajkov photo

Vanja Vlajkov

CMO @ NSoilab
Being a part of the STARTUP3 community is the best possible way for the NSoilab to start the entrepreneurial journey. We are a young enthusiasts ready to understand the true nature of the business. Therefore, we expect transformative and enlightening experiences in learning how to define the problem from the customers' point of view and offer attractive solutions accordingly, how to talk to investors about our idea (what do they want to hear), how to protect intellectual property. This is a unique opportunity for us to match up with experts from the business world and get personalized consulting for our business.
Marta Loc photo

Marta Loc

CSO @ NSoilab
Participation in the STARTUP3 Programme would offer an enormous privilege to learn from experts and their knowledge, skills, and experience. The feedback on our idea would help us to facilitate startup building, growing, and improvement of our early-stage product. This programme is an opportunity to identify market problems, test product-market fit, and provide a better understanding of customers’ needs. A broad network of participants can be significant support in connecting with potential clients, partners and investors, funding, and business expansion.
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STARTUP3 Winner – NeoSound Intelligence


We turn calls into revenues!

We help call centres optimize customer communication by listening to customer calls automatically using our SaaS infrastructure that sits on top of all recorded calls. It provides speech analytics for call centres to tackle the aforementioned issues.

The CEO, Denis is a serial entrepreneur (two companies) has more than 15 years of experience in successfully completing large-scale projects and small startups. Holding MS in Computer Science, more than 15 years of successful development and completing large-scale E-Learning Talent Management and Financial software projects.
The CTO, Andrei is an impatient mathematician that is crazy about solving challenging technical issues. He enjoys making alive the boldest ideas. He has turned it real to get our first meaningful results of the algorithm we develop.

Andrei is an expert in the areas of Machine Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics.


NeoSound offers AI tools that transform customer interactions/emotions into rich management information in an efficient way, creating opportunities to maximize customers by increasing sales and reducing costs.

Denis Ardabatsky photo

Denis Ardabatsky

CEO @ NeoSound Intelligence
We see the STARTUP3 project as doors opener for us to the new opportunities of business development with the corporate partners and fundraising opportunities with the investors' network across Europe. We will be glad to contribute to the program and create new connections with awesome people.
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