STARTUP3 Podcast | Episode 9: Sensoria Analytics – Listen to your heart

Welcome to another special session of the STARTUP3 podcast!

Do you listen to your heart?

Today we bring you Sensoria Analytics a startup that develops innovative, digital solutions that analyses bio-signals by exploiting advancements in the fields of optics, electronics, MEMS systems, and artificial intelligence. Its primary focus is on the prevention and detection of cardiovascular, respiratory risks.

Tune in with our guest Slaheddin Aridhi to find out why preventive diagnosis will be the next step in minimizing cardiovascular and respiratory risks.

Episode #9: Sensoria Analytics – Listen to your heart!

Driven by real market needs, the STARTUP3 project builds and facilitates an open and collaborative ecosystem for high impact deep-tech innovators and corporates and acts as a cross-border/sectoral market-maker. Through its podcast mini-series, STARTUP3 introduces the project, deep-dives into key elements for the project success and presents the Top deep-tech innovators that emerged from the initial 250.

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STARTUP3 Podcast | Episode 8: NeoSound – Turn your call into revenues!

In this episode of the STARTUP3 podcast, we welcome Denis Ardabatsky presenting NeoSound Inteligence, one of the STARTUP3s top10 startups. NeoSound delivers a one-of-a-kind combination of speech-to-text semantic analytics with intonation acoustic analysis.

Tune in to find out more about their amazing success story and how one passion led them on an amazing journey, to a solution intended to make all conversations between consumers & organizations better!

Episode #8:  NeoSound – Turn your call into revenues!

Driven by real market needs, the STARTUP3 project builds and facilitates an open and collaborative ecosystem for high impact deep-tech innovators and corporates and acts as a cross-border/sectoral market-maker. Through its podcast mini-series, STARTUP3 introduces the project, deep-dives into key elements for the project success and presents the top deep-tech innovators that emerged from the initial 250.

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STARTUP3 Podcast | Episode 7: Haruspex Cyber Security – Digital Twin

Tune in to the Special edition of the STARTUP3 podcast session! After the Top5, STARTUP3 brings you another 3 startups with amazing innovations. Out of the Top10 innovators from the STARTUP3 programme, in this week’s episode, Fillipo Lubrano presents Haruspex Cyber Security!

Established in 2016 in La Spezia, Italy, with an operative HQ located in Pisa. Haruspex is a highly innovative startup encompassing many industries and relying on a large customer base, which is composed of some of the key players at the Italian and European level.

Tune in to learn about their new technology, and how Digital Twin is used to replicate attacker behavior and reduce risk in the most cost-effective way possible, as well as to gain some additional insights into how their evaluation identifies security issues in your system before they are even deployed!

Episode #7: Haruspex Cyber Security – Digital Twin strikes back!

Driven by real market needs, the STARTUP3 project builds and facilitates an open and collaborative ecosystem for high impact deep-tech innovators and corporates and acts as a cross-border/sectoral market-maker. Through its podcast mini-series, STARTUP3 introduces the project, deep-dives into key elements for the project success and presents the Top deep-tech innovators that emerged from the initial 250.

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Curtain down on STARTUP3!

After two years, the coronation of the STARTUP3 activities was the Deep Tech Week that took place from 29th November to 3rd of December. In the scope of the STARTUP3 Deep Tech Week, Brokerage Day in Sophia Antipolis acted as the Final Event gathering Top startups, ecosystem players, consortium partners and other guests. Read more on the Deep Tech Week here!

What is the legacy that STARTUP3 leaves behind?

Among the 250 applicants, Top 25 were selected to enter the acceleration programme using the Peer-to-peer evaluation process in order for best startups to emerge regardless of the specific sector to which they dedicate. The acceleration process lasted for one year and each phase of the project was dedicated to certain aspects of startups’ growth, product development and capacity building. The phases also served to sift through the Top 25, then Top 10 and announce Top 5 startups!

As one of the main pillars of the project, members of the Corporate Pool (corporates and later on investors, supporting organisations and other relevant external stakeholders) were an indispensable part in startups’ growth. Not only through the mentoring and matchmaking, Corporate Pool Members provided valuable lessons on pitching, negotiation, and what it takes to succeed in the market.

Numerous services provided through the STARTUP3 Hub

Through the usage of STARTUP3 Hub (Founder Studio and Cooperation Platform) startups had the chance to search and initiate contacts with a wider scope of stakeholders according to their needs. More importantly, they learned how to assess the value of their own company and by using both platforms’ tools, find out more on their positioning on the market as well as competition.

Overview of the services provided in the frame of the STARTUP3 acceleration programme:

  • 60+ Connection-meetings with potential clients, business/technological partners, business enablers and supports.
  • 60+ Workshops – working with each startup individually on specific business thematics from Problem Solving to Fundraising.
  • 50+ Mentorship – regular 1-1 meetings to understand the startups’ needs
  • 25+ Coaching – individual coaching with Mental Coach Ornella Solari (Hola-Up) to upgrade Entrepreneurial skills.
  • 15+ Training webinars – collective webinar sessions ranging from IP Rights and Business Development to Marketing and product development.
  • 2 Investor Tribunes – pitch-meetings of Top5 with Sophia Business Angels, and access to the Hello Tomorrow Investor Day in Paris in the frame of the STARTUP3 Deep Tech Week.

Boosting startups’ resilience and internationalisation despite the crisis

Overcoming the challenges imposed by the COVID-19, startups have emerged as resilient, ready to pivot and address arising challenges on the go, navigating through the rapid changes that captured their intended markets. It was though the online events, cross-collaboration with different projects and initiatives that made up for the lack of the networking as we know it.

Thus, in the scope of STARTUP3, numerous events promoting Deep Tech Tech innovation, cross-border ecosystems’ gathering and business meetings were held:

  • 2 Pitch Stops– pitching events, milestones of the acceleration programme for the Top-startups selection,
  • 3 Innovation Challenges – pitch competitions open to the STARTUP3 clusters’ ecosystems,
  • 3 Ecosystem Discovery Missions – Occasions for each Clusters’ stakeholders to share their respective innovation practices, and Corporations to present their needs for deep-tech innovation
  • And of course, the STARTUP3 Brokerage Day that was held in physical format in Sophia Antipolis and allowed us to showcase the Top5 startups to the French Deep-Tech Ecosystem and facilitate in-person B2B meetings.

What lies ahead?

Even though December marks the end of the STARTUP3 project, there is still a lot to show! Top startups are entering the next stage on their entrepreneurial journey, as more mature, self-aware and with the clear vision on their needs and next steps. In order to support their further success, STARTUP3 has created an overview of the startups’ success stories as well as podcast mini-series where we chat on their products, stories behind the development and success as well as the goals for their solutions. In addition, the video version of all interviews is coming soon so stay tuned!

Until then, STARTUP3 cordially thanks to all the participated in this journey! Enjoy the video!


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STARTUP3 Deep Tech Week!

From November 29th to December 3rd, 2021 STARTUP3 had organised a deep tech-week. Starting off with Brokerage Day in Sophia Antipolis, startups had the chance to participate in matchmaking activities, award ceremony, visit to deep tech ecosystem in Sophia Antipolis and get last training on pitching before investors. Following Sophia Antipolis, STARTUP3 shifted its activities to Paris where startups were engaged in Hello Tomorrow Global Summit, meeting investors, corporates and enjoying networking activities.

STARTUP3 Brokerage Day

Organised in the heart of the French deep-tech ecosystem in Sophia Antipolis, the event gathered on 29th November those that have participated in the STARTUP3 project, either as an innovator/startup or Corporate Pool Member.

Welcoming attendees to Sophia Antipolis, Clémence Castell, Marielle Campanella and Gerard Martinez from Pôle SCS have opened the Brokerage Day event. Recapitulating on the STARTUP3 project from its very beginnings, they have opened the floor to all the STARTUP3 partners who have made the project possible. Despite COVID-19, lack of the physical events and possibilities to engage with startups more directly on ever changing deep-tech market, it was the passion for growth and innovation of the consortium that made the success of the STARTUP3 possible. Each with their special skillset and expertise it was Pôle SCS, InoSens, Agenso, ITC Cluster, Hola-UP!, Latvian IT Cluster and EKT (National Documentation Centre) that turned the idea from paper to a real project with results and impact beyond the project lifetime.  

As the event has gathered not only participating startups and corporates but additional cluster and corporate representatives, Jean-Luc Fretard has provided insights on the methodologies and tools used throughout the project, especially the Founder Studio as part of STARTUP3 hub. Presentation encompassed both initial ideas to development and final outcomes and experiences drawn from work with 25 startups and pool of 38 organisations (corporates, investors, other supporting organisations).

Pitching Session

As the event has attracted many deep-tech stakeholders, STARTUP3 innovators had the chance to showcase their solutions. In addition to the Top 5, three innovators from Top 10 have joined the pitching session, reflecting on the development of their solutions through STARTUP3 and afterwards as well as indicating the next steps for their products.

Loïc Henninot has introduced Centiloc, a French company developing disruptive IoT sensors for various markets, providing innovative IoT sensors to geolocalize objects. Switching to another industry STARTUP3 covers, Miguel Marchamalo had presented Detektia, a Spanish company developing solutions that monitor and analyse deformation in dams, infrastructures, aquifers and entire cities based on DInSAR technology.

Evangelos Pappas of RTsafe presented the Pseudo patient. Diving into med-tech, RTsafe provides personalized care in radiation oncology by combining proven expertise in medical physics and highly accurate 3D printing technology creating a perfect replica of patient’s body that is to be radiated before the actual patient in cancer and other treatments.

Following are three from the Top 10 startups. First to take the stage was Fillipo Lubrano, who presented the work of Haruspex. Haruspex is currently the only solution available on the market able to predict, according to the desired level of confidence, how an ICT infrastructure could be attacked, before the cyber-attacks occur in reality. That way, it provides solutions to neutralize the attackers, making it the perfect match for securing the IT/OT systems.

Denis Ardabatsky, a serial entrepreneur had introduced NeoSound Intelligence which offers AI tools that transform customer interactions/emotions into rich management information in an efficient way, creating opportunities to maximize customers by increasing sales and reducing costs.

In a heartbeat, Slaheddine Aridhi captured the attention with the work of Sensoria Analytics. Developing innovative, digital solutions that analyse bio-signals by exploiting advancements in the fields of optics, electronics, MEMS systems and artificial intelligence, Sensoria’s primary focus is on the prevention and detection of cardiovascular, respiratory risks, especially relevant in cases of COVID-19 and respiratory complications that often otherwise go unnoticed in initial stages.

Joining virtually, and as part Top 5 innovators, Fauna Smart and Magos team had the chance to present to the audience. Fauna Smart, led by Dragana Vukasinovic dedicates to helping farmers transition to greener, healthier, and more efficient farming practices in line with the newest EU regulations. Magos and its gloves that disrupt VR market with the state-of-the-art Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) devices in XR were presented by Gregory Agriopoulos.

Pitching session was crowned by the Award Ceremony to the Top 5 startups: Centiloc, Detektia, RTsafe, Magos and Fauna Smart. Awards were handed in by Aiga Irmeja of LITC whose inspiring speech highlighted what makes the innovators stand out, especially in the times of crises. Following the Award Ceremony, startups had the chance to engage in the panel discussing the way forward for all innovative startups in deep tech arena as well as to voice the challenges and opportunities they encountered on the STARTUP3 journey.

Deep-tech Ecosystem visit

In the scope of the second day of Brokerage event, startups had twofold activities. In the morning session, they had the opportunity to attend the last training held by Ornella Solari from Hola-UP! tackling the pitching techniques and best approaches to ensure investments.

Later on, innovators, consortium members and other interested stakeholders had the opportunity to visit the deep-tech ecosystem of Sophia Antipolis. Host to many international organisations and companies, Sophia Antipolis serves as a Silicon Valley of France.

Through the visit to Inria, Head of Innovations Anthony Schoofs showcased the work of Inria as National Institute for research in digital science and technology and innovations they bring to areas of communication, computational medicine and biology as well as modelling, simulation and interaction of their solutions with real world.

Next was getting to know Marc Barret, the Innovation Executive Director who had led the attendees through 3IA Côte d’Azur, Interdisciplinary Institute for Artificial Intelligence. 3IA acts as one of the four interdisciplinary institutes of AI created in France. It aims to create an innovative ecosystem that is influential at the local, national and international level and partners with major higher education and research partners in Nice and Sophia Antipolis gathering more than 62 companies and startups at the same place!

Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge Summit

In the course of the project, STARTUP3 has developed startegic partnerships in order to provide more opportunities to the startups to network, pitch, and test their advancments. Gathering startups, SMEs, corporates, investors and other organizations, Hello Tomorrow tackled various deep tech markets, from Industry 4.0, aerospace, Data & AI, Energy, Food, Environment to digital health and urban mobility.

In the scope of the 10th Hello Tomorrow summit, STARTUP3 innovators got the chance to attend the Innovator’s day event, and present their solutions in person. Innovators that attended from STARTUP3 were Magos, Latitudo40 and Oscillum Technology.

What is next?

STARTUP3 project is nearing its end, nonetheless there are still exciting things to come. In addition to the STARTUP3 podcast mini series, 3 more innovators will join sharing their vision and solutions, we follow up on the sucesses of the Top 25 and release the videos with all the interviews held with our Top innovators. Stay tuned!

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STARTUP3 Startups’ Success Stories – October 2021

As the STARTUP3 project nears its finish line, it lays out the last stepping stones for its startups.

Among the initial 250 applicants, the programme has selected and trained the Top 25 startups, then 10 – and finally Top 5. Provided with a full scope of business, marketing, financial, pitching, matchmaking and other services, the Top 5 startups have been disrupting their respective markets ever since. However, STARTUP3 goes beyond! The end of participation for some beneficiaries is not the end of their participation in the deep-tech ecosystem, chances to network, meet investors and further develop their solutions. STARTUP3 consortium organizes the Brokerage Day in Sophia Antipolis on 29th November and offers special benefits and discounts for the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit to all of its startups!

So, let’s dive into the latest news from the Top 5 as well as other top startups of the STARTUP3 project!


During October and the end of September, Centiloc has had the chance to attend prominent events presenting its solutions including Go entrepreneurs, France Digital Marseille, Big event of Bpifrance, Paris Retail Week and SIDO Lyon – IoT, AI, Robotics & XR. Next on at Salon hybrid tri-national BE 4.0 Industries du Futur!

Detektia has been announced as the winner of the ESA Global Space Market Challenge in the downstream category. In addition, with the support of the European Space Agency – ESA – Detektia had an opportunity to pitch their innovative solution at the 2021 International Astronautical Congress in Dubai, the world’s largest space conference.

FaunaSmart has been active in both increasing its presence on events such as SENSECO COST Action as well as engaging in the new programmes like ESA BIC Denmark incubator aiming to change the future of horticulture!

MAGOS has been active in showcasing its solutions at 85thThessaloniki International Fair, starting a new collaboration with Santa Clara University in the frames of NGI Explorers open call#3. Finally, MAGOS has been named one of Hello Tomorrow’s Deep Tech Pioneers and awarded with the “Exploitation of Industry 4.0 Technologies Award” in the 1st National Startup Awards by Elevate Greece! Next at the “Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2021” in Paris along with 3,500 disruptive startups, investors and corporations.

RTsafe has received grant under the Operational Program “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation” (EPAnEK).

From the Top 25 during September and October 2021 most successful startups were:

EbreDrone – building a strong regional presence by actively participating in events such as Wayra Investors Day 2021 where they had the chance to present before +60 VC’s and reunite the startup ecosystem in Barcelona as well as collaboration with the Aerial Uptake program that brings together local/regional public authorities and key players of the UAS sector from 6 European regions, being pioneers in the creation of a single European drone market.

EOanalytics Limited has been a part of the new paper on the Evaluation of SWIR Crop Residue Bands for the Landsat Next Mission. Read the paper here.

Haruspex was chosen by the Italian Trade Agency, formerly known as ICE (Institute for Foreign Trade) to represent Italian technological excellence in Silicon Valley since September, where the National Center for Innovation and Culture was recently established. More information can be found here.

The most energy-efficient and productive solution for indoor farming, Laava Tech, will be presented at the upcoming Web Summit event in Lisbon.

Latitudo 40 showcases its solutions at Ecomondo – KeyEnergy Fair which is an Urban Data Analytics platform to make sustainable / ESG decisions and improve people’s quality of life. As part of the I-Tech Innovation Program, the program launched by CRIF and Fondazione Golinelli they were the recipients of the Venture Up Award 2021 in Turin! Additionally, just in September 2021, Latitudo40 was declared as one of the Top 6 startups in the Earth Observation downstream segment in Europe and Canada by the European Space Agency in Global Space Markets Challenge.

The innovative AI company MyDataModels announces a game-changer for Google Analytics users TADA DM (Digital Marketing). The TADA Digital Marketing platform is a super AI-enabled Google Analytics platform powerful enough to find who will be your online buyers. Read the full press release here.

Nsoilab is selected as one of the most innovative companies in a competition conducted by Serbia’s National Alliance for Local Economic Development together with the Government of Serbia. NSoilab and 28 other companies were awarded shared grants in the amount of one million dollars.

OPT/NET has earned the top spot in the CoSta awards – which celebrates the most innovative and impactful corporate/startup interactions, and established a strategic collaborative partnership with the Unknown Group, to help bolster the continued commercial uptake of their suite of advanced AI solutions. Additionally, the team has presented their solutions at the Broadband World Forum and INTERGEO 2021 HYBRID HANNOVER. Lastly, OPT/NET joins the H2020 family by becoming part of the new H2020 CENTURION project consortium.

Oscillum BioTechnology announced that they were selected as one of the Top-10 startups participating in the Food Tech Challengers, and will pitch their solution at the upcoming Food Tech Congress!

Sensoria Analytics will present its product – CardioSensys – an application coupled with an oximeter, that uses the latest developments in artificial intelligence and biosignal processing,  at the upcoming Web Summit event in Lisbon.

Termodron has presented its solution at this year’s EIMA 2021 fair in Italy, and at the international conference Smart Villages in Brestanica, Slovenia.

Terroir from Space has been selected as the winner and top finisher within the Call for Ideas “Space-Innovation for Agrifood-Tech: dallo Spazio alla filiera” launched by Fondazione E. Amaldi.

Tune in to the STARTUP3 podcast mini-series with Top 5 and join in for the Brokerage Day in order to meet them and other STARTUP3 startups in person!

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Digital ICT Week – Apply Now

Your key to discovering the latest tech trends, opportunities, and innovations in digitalization!

The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and its Enterprise Europe Network, together with Farvest Group, will organise the 2nd edition of the Digital ICT Week that will take place on 13 – 17 September 2021. This year, the event will be hybrid, offering the possibility to interested companies to participate virtually or physically in the event.

The Digital ICT Week, built around the ICT Spring tech conference in Luxembourg, will encompass a rich and varied programme to keep its promise to showcase the best tech trends and provide growth opportunities for start-ups and SMEs through its highlight events, such as the Digital Summit, the virtual tech visits, the International Business Meetings by b2fair and much more!

The inaugural event “The power of the DIGITAL AGE” will encompass short keynote speeches from key economic actors on the importance and ambitions for DIGITALISATION. The inauguration will be followed by Inside Startup Luxembourg – an insight into Luxembourg’s startup ecosystem.

Following the inauguration, the third and fourth day of the conference will be devoted to ICT Spring.

ICT Spring is a two-day global tech conference is held in Luxembourg City, at the heart of Europe that provides participants a unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the fields of digitalisation and AI, capture the value of the fast-growing FinTech industry, explore the impact of space technologies on terrestrial businesses, drive innovation in the Supply Chain industry, pierce the secrets of IT Security through exhibitions and demonstrations of the latest tech trends and innovations. ICT Spring is also the perfect place to network with peers and future business partners.

Participation in the DIGITAL ICT Week is free of charge and for the full agenda of the Digital ICT Week please refer to the website.

For the purpose of maintaining the quality of the event, a cancellation policy of EUR 150 will be applied to companies that cancel their participation after 1st September 2021, who do not virtually show up at the event or who are shown as absent in the calendar for the whole duration of the event.


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